September 3


Humanity could use some rest

The benefits of resting intentionally, being forced to slow down, and how to get the most out of the experience

The human race is having a bit of compulsory downtime. We’ve been grounded and sent to our rooms by Mother Nature. A bit of time to absorb the situation. The fires showed us the planet is hurting, now here’s a bit of time to think about our role. A time-out, an opportunity to rest, and then make decisions with more clarity about how we want to conduct ourselves.

Being burnt out and having a chance to heal

If we just keep battling on, pushing our bodies, and pushing the big spherical body that we live on, we’ll get a slap. People can get mechanical and robotic, addicted to the sugar and drama treadmill. Let’s take this enforced contemplation like humble and respectful students of nature. Work is not as important as health.

Look at Venice’s canals after six days of quarantine. In 60 years the water has not looked so clear. Nature heals itself very quickly when the source of stress abates.

So allow the rivers in your own body a bit of rest. The nerves get saturated, the muscles get knotted, and the endocrine system works overtime. When this occurs, it becomes difficult to concentrate and regulate emotions.

The stress response and taking a more mindful approach

Stress supresses the immune system, creates inflammation, and tightens the body. So lay down. Drink clear water. Do lots of stretching and sun salutations. Do far, far, less social media.

Spend more time with yourself in silence, acknowledge and feel any angst, it will pass. Share only deep things with people, not the surface drama. Share your love of nature with people, your dreams, your vision for a heaven on earth.

Do it. It’s not corny, it’s the way we create our reality. We are dreamers and our dreams come true. If we get stuck dreaming about sickness and worst-case scenarios, then we are wasting our greatest tool.

Start resting actively and thinking positive today

What are you spending your time day-dreaming about? Look, if you really need to worry, then do it. For 10 minutes. Do it really strongly and get it out of your system.

Then, spend the rest of your day creating in your mind positive situations, ideas, artwork, scenes, all for the sake of fostering temporary positivity. Nothing needs to come of it right now. Just flex your mental muscle in the direction of positive. Move your body without pushing it too far, just do it because it feels good – gentle yoga is a great way to rest actively.

Salute the sun!


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