The Spirit of the Matter with Josh Pryor

Deepen your knowledge of Mysore style yoga and explore the metaphysics of Yoga Taravali.

The Spirit of the Matter

Mysore style yoga and the
metaphysics of Yoga Taravali

The Spirit of the Matter is a book that presents the benefits of “Mysore style” yoga, known as a classical self-practice style of yoga, which has been wed to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system popularised around the world.

This traditional way to learn yoga allows the practitioner to lay a strong foundation of physical and psychological health, as well as a practical understanding of yogic spiritual principles. The book succinctly and clearly explains ancient techniques and frameworks that provide a path for the human to flourish in a life of joyous freedom and positivity.

It guides the student through diverse concepts such as yogic meditation, the nature of consciousness and the place of the material world in a spiritual life. It also incorporates a modern commentary on the ancient yogic text “Yoga Taravali” historically the spiritual cornerstone embedded within the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga system.

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Mysore Yoga Retreat

Join Josh in the wilderness of Gloucester, NSW, for an immersive yoga retreat. Connect with nature while you learn, refine and deepen your personal practice.

Explore the Yoga Taravali and the Mysore style teaching methods with Josh on this weekend long retreat.


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