September 3


You are a comet

You are a comet. At the crown is your imagination, your dream imagery, your cultivated intentions. This is the leading edge of creation. All of the nebulous and semi-formed ideations and musings you hold. All positive momentum starts here, whether your ego knows it or not.

If you want to see it for yourself, indulge in quiet reflections. Carve moments in your day where you allow yourself to dream without concern for what is considered “normal”.

At the crown is where all of past and future human achievement lives. Every huge step forward in your life and in our collective lives is born here.

The material effects lay in our wake. The tail of the comet contains after-the-fact reasoning. All reasoning is post-hoc actually. Fear, mistrust, greed, bickering. All of these things fade into the distance, if you allow them to. Mere fragments compared to the enormity of your moment-to-moment excitement and spontaneous vision.

Spend more time at the top and at the front. Less talking, less rehearsing conversations in your head, less mundane and repetitive actions. Materiality is hypnotising.

All it takes is a reorientation. Just got to turn around and notice that everything is up in the air, everything is uncertain, and that you get to decide where you go, and with what moods, intentions, and desires.

Let old habits, beliefs, and sometimes people, move gently to the side as you forge the path you have always known you want to forge. Make your elderly self proud.We are here to create heaven on earth.


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