December 10


How to use intensity to launch into expansion

You are a pulsation, in so many ways it is your being and your essence. Just as when you observe the functions of the heart and lungs, you see their daily movements and know it is healthy, so too with the movements of your simple emotions, memories.

We can use intensity in moments as a launch pad into expansion. Usually an increase in intensity takes you further into one direction. Example: You think something is good or bad, and more intensity exaggerates the pendulum swing.

When you are able to hold the two opposing points of view in your mind simultaneously, they cancel each other out. They still exist, the issue still exists, but you are floating motionless in between the extremes.

At those times, when you are stable in the middle, more intensity moves you up to a new plane. The previous issue of concern, now resolved through understanding of the opposites, moves away from you, and you move above it.



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