About Josh

Mysore Style Yoga Practitioner, Lifelong Student & Author of The Spirit of the Matter

Josh Pryor exudes a rare passion, as both a teacher and student of yoga. His dedication to the practice extends far beyond the mat, to the thriving community he supports whilst pursuing his studies of the ancient texts.

Josh has held a fascination for metaphysics and philosophy since a young age and returned to his philosophical roots after a steadfast career in computer science. His approach is light-hearted and undeniably enthusiastic, encouraging practitioners to reimagine limitations of the physical body, translating into clearer perceptions and altered states of awareness.

Having practiced yoga as a child, it didn’t take long to deepen his practice to a point that he could begin sharing his knowledge with others. In 2012, he studied with Sharath Jois in India and began teaching classes, eventually resigning from his corporate career in 2014. He expanded his teaching schedule, leading Western style led classes at gyms and yoga studios and quickly became popular with students for his down-to-earth approach.

Armed with a studious nature, he continued to deepen his knowledge and practice with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci in 2016 and Srivatsa Ramaswami in 2017. This education informs the operations of Earthie Yoga (located in Mayfield, NSW) and Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle.

Josh has studied and practiced alongside experienced Western yoga teachers and eccentric mystics he met in ashrams, to realise his vision for yoga to be remembered as a path to self-realisation. His fervour for the ancient wisdom buried within the Yoga Taravali, Upanishads and many other yogic texts brings them to life in a modern context.

The Spirit of the Matter, Josh’s debut book, is an example of his devotion to the practice of yoga and clearly demonstrates the potential of reconciling pragmatism with asana and meditation to ensure the tangible benefits of yoga are felt in our everyday lives. 


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