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The Spirit of the Matter (paperback)


The Spirit of the Matter (paperback)

An adventurous look at the progressive Mysore style yoga method and its relationship with Westernised "gym style" classes. Mysore style the most inclusive form of yoga class - perfect for families, people with disability, athletes, beginners, and people of any age.

In the book Josh talks about how yoga was traditionally taught in India, and how we can better integrate the intentions of the great yogis of the past into our daily practice. The book includes a blend of modern research on interoception and fascial remodeling, as well as tales from the mother land.

Not only this, the book also features a modern translation of an 8th century text called Yoga Tārāvalī. This text has only been translated and published once before, and is currently out of print. Now, however, you can see and read one of the most important and succinct sets of truths covering the unified cosmos and infinite intelligence. All of this uplifting and empowering information is presented clearly so that you can implement it in your daily life, rather than leaving it as "night-stand philosophy".

Esteemed author Gregor Maehle says: "Josh Pryor’s The Spirit of the Matter is a refreshing new contribution to Ashtanga Yoga. It sheds novel light on the Mysore-style format and explains its manifold advantages. The book clears many common misunderstandings that may prevent beginners from trying out this most efficient class format. Pryor’s approach is guided by reason and a spirit of exploration rather than dogma. The Spirit of the Matter also for the first time makes available a useable translation of the Yoga Taravali. Congratulations!"

This is a great book for yoga enthusiasts, studio owners, and spiritual seekers who wish to move beyond the standard Westernised flavours of yoga, into the deep awareness and intentions of those who initiated yoga itself.

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